Premier Sports Network announce Global Sports Initiatives as an Official Partner

Premier Sports Network are delighted to announce that Global Sports Initiatives (GSI) have become an Official Partner of the Finance in Sport Network.

GSI explore ways of making existing and future stadiums and arenas profitable without the need for physical attendance, which has now turned into the transient and effective digital infrastructure as a monetisation service business model that GSI offers today.

GSI boasts the ability to turn all sports, esports and event venues around the world into content production studios. The integration of technology can then create new revenue streams for the respective entities by providing an immersive and interactive experience for fans.

To do this, GSI leverages patented and proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) software with their partners’ only Microsoft Azure certified Augmented Reality (AR) platform in the world to become the only company who can produce interactive content, live or recorded, to fans in venues and at home. The globally distributed content can be accessed via WebAR, live AR second screen streaming, marker-based AR, location-based AR; all imbedded with eCommerce, home food delivery, online betting and integrated into all social media. Additionally, all the associated data is stored onto company owned servers for the benefit of the true rights holders of the data that maintains privacy.

Based in Tampa, Florida, US, with a satellite office in Miami, Florida, US, our new Official Partner works with the owners and officials in all major American professional sports leagues, European football owners and leagues, Esports, motorsports, and winter sports around the world, all to ensure the financial futures of these sports, enabling existing content to be monetised and new revenue streams to be opened.

Spencer Hidge, Founder of Premier Sports Network, said: “GSI are a very exciting organisation that offer an innovative service within the industry, at a time where sport is having to adapt to the unique landscape it finds itself in. By partnering with GSI, we are able to showcase how they can introduce sports and clubs to new revenue streams from their content, quickly and efficiently.”

Kevin Meredith, CEO at Global Sports Initiatives said: “We have created a massive end-to-end sports tech integrator solution with best of breed technology to offer sports leagues and teams exponentially more new and novel ways to monetize, most of which are entirely untapped. We require very literally expense from our partners, if at all, and can globalize even the smallest of clubs and sports. Most importantly, we can monetize them right now, not in six to twelve months, and it starts with looking in their own backyard.”

Joe Molloy, Managing Director at Global Sports Initiatives has been quoted as saying: Based on my personal experience as a former Owner and Managing Partner of the New York Yankees, I know that if today I were a current Owner of any sports team around the world, regardless of location, and I found out I could globalize fan engagement in seconds to exponentially create more revenue streams with very modest changes, that is something that I would certainly embrace.”

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