About us | Who We Are

Global Sports Initiatives, Inc is a Tampa, Florida based company that acts as an “Owners Rep” for everything technological.

We have partnered with proven technology companies to become an end-to-end systems integrator that provides digital infrastructure as a monetization service. GSI creates novel revenue streams and enhance the value of current revenue streams to sports, Esports, athletes, franchise owners, stadiums, leagues, and brands.

Our digital infrastructure modernizes existing and future venues into “Smart Stadiums” with very little capital or additional equipment required.

In addition, we enhance the fan experience through proven artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology that captures content and generates immersive and interactive experiences of sporting events. This mixed reality experience compliments live broadcasts and is globally distributed.

Why Us

End to End Integration

GSI is the only true end-to-end systems integrator in the sports ecosystem utilizing cutting edge Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Efficient Digital Infrastructure

We provide the digital infrastructure necessary to aggregate data, both in venue and at home, for business intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Untapped Revenue Stream

GSI creates novel revenue streams within weeks to months of any agreement through an interactive fan experience and stadium modernization.

Access World-wide Sponsors

Access to over 31,000 sponsorship deals.

No Third-Party

We redistribute back the value of personal data analytics to the athletes, teams, stadium, leagues, and brands - not third-party platforms.

Proven Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technology that captures content and creates an immersive interactive experience for fans around the world